Logo, Graphic Designer

Logos and Branding Realization, Computer Graphic-2D-3D, Graphics Large Format,

Communication, Photo Retouching, Photo Repairs, Flyers, Business Cards-Folded, Flyers,

Envelopes, Brochure, Insignia, Invitations

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Graphic Designer

How do you communicate an idea, a way of working or a company? Through the words

of those who had the idea, who built the company. How can a product be explained, its

function and its beauty? How can you tell a story, A Video, Logo or photo can tell better

than a thousand words. That is exactly our mission.

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Web Designer

Do you want a professional website at a good price? For us, a passion that a job, This will

ensure that the customer that comes to you, We know how to satisfy 100% of our

customers even with just a simple idea ! Years of experience, highly qualified and

motivated staff, are the basis on which FixandGo24 is based.

Design, creation and maintenance of websites, portals and web applications, Definition of the

general architecture of the website, according to principles of accessibility and usability ,Web

layout development (fonts, images, colors …), HTML and CSS coding starting from graphic

layouts, Upload and manage web page content, Publication of the site online, (hosting and

domain management).

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