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iPhone 7Broken glass or damaged LCD129.00
iPhone 7B/W/G aluminium back case149.00
iPhone 7Battery replacement59.00
iPhone 7Camera/Flash Replacement69.00
iPhone 7Replacing dock/microphone connector69.00
iPhone 7Speaker Replacement69.00
iPhone 7Replacing vibration motor49.00
iPhone 7On/Off key99.00
iPhone 7Replacing keys volume/vibration99.00
iPhone 7Replacement speacker ear59.00
iPad AirBroken glass or Touch not working149.00
iPad AirBroken LCD screen150.00
iPad AirBroken glass/touch and LCD screen220.00
iPad 2 / 3 / 4Broken glass or Touch not working129.00
iPad 2 / 3 / 4Broken LCD screen150.00
iPad 2 / 3 / 4Glass/touch and broken LCD screen249.00
iPad miniBroken glass or touch not working139.00
iPad miniBroken LCD Screen150.00
iPad miniBroken glass/touch and LCD screen249.00
iPad Air 2Broken glass or Touch not working299.00
iPad Air 2Broken LCD Screen299.00
iPad Air 2Broken glass/touch and LCD screen299.00
iPhone 6 / 6 PlusBroken glass or damaged LCD89.00
iPhone 6 / 6 PlusBroken glass or damaged LCD screen iPhone 6 Plus139.00
iPhone 6 / 6 PlusB/W/G aluminium back case129.00
iPhone 6 / 6 PlusBattery Replacement59.00
iPhone 6 / 6 PlusCamera/Flash Replacement69.00
iPhone 6 / 6 PlusReplacing dock/microphone connector49.00
iPhone 6 / 6 PlusSpeaker Replacement49.00
iPhone 6 / 6 PlusVibration Motor Replacement49.00
iPhone 6 / 6 PlusOn/Off Key99.00
iPhone 6 / 6 PlusReplacing keys volume/vibration99.00
iPhone 6 / 6 PlusReplacing ear speacker49.00
iPhone 5/5s/5cBroken glass or damaged LCD79.00
iPhone 5/5s/5cAluminium back case B/W/Color99.00
iPhone 5/5s/5cBattery replacement49.00
iPhone 5/5s/5cCamera/Flash Replacement49.00
iPhone 5/5s/5cReplacing dock/microphone connector49.00
iPhone 5/5s/5cReplacing speaker49.00
iPhone 5/5s/5cVibration motor replacement49.00
iPhone 5/5s/5cOn/Off key79.00
iPhone 5/5s/5cReplacing keys volume/vibration79.00
iPhone 5/5s/5cReplacement speacker ear49.00
Phone 6sBroken glass or damaged LCD109.00
Phone 6sBroken glass or damaged LCD 6S Plus149.00
Phone 6sB/W Color Aluminium Rear Case99.00
Phone 6sHome Button Replacement59.00
Phone 6sBattery Replacement59.00
Phone 6sCamera/Flash Replacement69.00
Phone 6sReplacing dock/microphone connector69.00
Phone 6sSpeaker Replacement49.00
Phone 6sVibration Motor Replacement49.00
Phone 6sOn/Off Key69.00
Phone 6sReplace volume/vibration keys69.00
iPhone 7 PlusBroken glass or damaged LCD149.00
iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 7 Plus Transformation in Black or White149.00
iPhone 7 PlusTransformation into other colors199.00
iPhone 7 PlusHome Button Replacement69.00
iPhone 7 PlusBattery Replacement69.00
iPhone 7 PlusCamera/Flash Replacement99.00
iPhone 7 PlusReplacing dock/microphone connector79.00
iPhone 7 PlusSpeaker Replacement99.00
iPhone 7 PlusReplacing headphone jack79.00
iPhone 7 PlusVibration motor replacement79.00
iPhone 7 PlusOn/Off key99.00
iPhone 7 PlusReplacement keys volume/vibration99.00
iPhone 7 PlusHeadset Replacement Upper79.00
iPhone 7 PlusBrightness sensor79.00
iPhone 7 PlusCustom Repair Quote30.00