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Do you need a computer repair service? Is your Mac or PC malfunctioning? We understand the challenges that you face when this important piece of equipment is not functioning properly and we are ready to fix it. Our seasoned professionals know how to replace broken PC components and make your computer work again.

Nothing is more frustrating than something not working when you need it most. Laptop computers always seem to break down and need repair at the worst times. Perhaps you’re in town for a conference or a final paper is due for a class, whatever the case, getting your laptop repaired is essential, and that’s where we can help you.

Your phone connects you to those who are important, stores your favorite pictures, and helps you get to appointments on time. A phone has become an essential part of every day life. We understand that if it gets damaged or stops working correctly, you will need a fast smartphone repair service. Don’t worry we are here to get your phone working again as soon as possible.

Tablets are everyone’s favorite gadget. We love having all the features of a full computer in a perfectly portable size. But breaks and cracks still happen and that’s where we come in. At FixandGo24, we know everything about tablets and you can trust us with yours because we understand what it feels like to break your favorite piece of tech.

Does the hard disk on which you have stored all your videos, photos and work documents not work well? Dont fall into despair immediately. Our data recovery services include, Data recovery, deleted from HHD/SSD, Data recovery from damaged devices, Colone a device on another new one, ServerNas and cloud backup system.

Do you want a professional website at a good price? For us, a passion that a job, This will ensure that the customer that comes to you, We know how to satisfy 100% of our customers even with just a simple idea ! Years of experience, highly qualified and motivated staff, are the basis on which FixandGo24 is based.

How do you communicate an idea, a way of working or a company? Through the words of those who had the idea, who built the company. How can a product be explained, its function and its beauty? How can you tell a story, A Video, Logo or photo can tell better than a thousand words. That is exactly our mission.

Has your gaming life come to a halt because of faulty equipment? Let us help you with a video game console repair. Our technicians can pinpoint the problem with your Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo and get it ready for your next gaming adventure. You can trust us to handle your console with great care with the best fine parts.


FixandGo24 fixes electronic devices and we do it professionally (it’s in our name after all). Whether your iPhone 6 was in your pocket and it took a painful journey to the ground without a parachute, or you dropped your tablet in the toilet, we can help you!

Our Warranty covers both the parts used and the labour for your repair. Should you have any problems with your device following service, the problem will be resolved immediately. The replacement parts we provide to our customers are reliable and are guaranteed to provide high performance. 

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